Structured Cabling

Structured and low-voltage cabling is the backbone of every network infrastructure. To test and install infrastructure wiring is very crucial. Our team of engineers and technicians have all the experience and expertise needed to handle and deliver you every project. For this, we are providing structured cabling services. We sell and install security systems for both commercial and residential property. We have extremely efficient pricing and excellence of service. A structured cabling system is entirely a system of cabling and related hardware pieces. This provides a comprehensive and complete telecommunications infrastructure. The structured cabling system’s infrastructure serves a wide array of uses. They include the providing of telephone services and transmit data by a computer network. This system is not device-dependent. It is a kind of open network structure. It can be used by several systems like data, telephony, access control, building automation and many more. Structured cabling offers maximum flexibility and efficient operation. The structured cabling system consists of six subsystems. They are the work area, horizontal cabling, backbone cabling, equipment room, telecommunication closet, and entrance facilities.